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Pricing options

Equinox is a multimedia platform, and pricing is based on the complexity of the content which is presented to the users. The possibilities span from adding pre-defined 3D objects with 2D images attached as banners and flags to custom-made interactive features which are a part of a gamified nation-wide campaign.

All users can download and use the mobile phone app for free, and create simple content from within it, but business users have more powerful options available to them.

As experts in AR and the creators of the Equinox platform, we are also offering design and storyboarding services to make augmented reality work for you!

Level 1: Business platform access

We are pleased to offer you access to the business platform, where you can place AR content in the Public layer, at a massive scale. In this way, you can create Augmented Reality as often as you want it, wherever you want it.

Price: 39,95€ monthly

Additionally, we are pleased to provide a special offer for a private, un-branded layer for content creation and non-commercial purposes, where you can create augmented reality content and share it with a small number of your friends (up to 10),

at 49,99€ monthly.

In this way, you can test out Equinox’s features, create private LARP games, or simply have fun.

Level 2: Branded layer

Business users can buy their own layer, and arrange pre-defined content into it. Users can switch to this layer when they are in a location where there is content in the layer. Layers can be public, i.e. everyone with the app can view them, or private, with per-person access.

Price: 200€ monthly (+ discount, 2.000€ yearly
if paid at once)

Included in this price is access to the Equinox Studio web application which enables you to take full control of the layer.

Level 3: Custom 3D content

Depending on your needs, custom 3D content and its publication on the Equinox platform can range from simple logos spinning in 3D space to animated characters of all sorts. Correspondingly, pricing for such services can range from 1.000€ to 10.000€ or more.


For example, a 3D logo of a company or a brand, static, rotating in space. The logo can lead to the company’s web page, a web shop, or another web location.

We take care of the 3D design.
starting from 800€
Interactivity to make a 3D object ask questions and lead the users through a dialog.starting from 1.250€
A gamification campaign where users need to find multiple points of interest (POI= on a location (such as a city) and collect them all, using pre-defined 3D objects, with different 2D graphics1.750€ + 50€ per POI
A gamification campaign where the user is required to answer questions or provide data in another way.

The client provides the campaign and questions, we place 3D objects and make them interactive.
1.900€ + 55€ per POI
An on-location tutorial, with multimedia presentation on each POI, demonstrating in video form certain skills or how to perform a task (e.g. play golf, ride a horse).

The client provides the content.
200€ + 70€ per POI
Development of an AR idea with a client, creation of a storyboard for an AR campaign.starting from 1.750€ monthly
Introductory pricing for Equinox services

Note that the costs may stack. We aim to provide customized experience for each of our clients! Discounts and special offers are available.

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