Welcome to the future of augmented reality

Project Equinox is a platform for social-network-style publishing of augmented reality interactive virtual content.


Agencies, venues and businesses which would benefit from addressable outdoor - location-based virtual advertising offering clear engagements metrics.


Equinox is a platform for social-network-style publishing of optionally interactive content in an augmented reality world, with the capability of economic interactions on the blockchain, which provides interactivity features with smart contracts and a platform for commercial activities. We feel that people would prefer to do certain kinds of activities and consume or interact with certain kinds of content in specific live.


Artists who want to publish VR/AR, 3D, 2D, video and other types of content and receive monetary reward and/or exposure to a wide audience.


Creative developers who wish to express themselves in an AR environment by building dapps, mini-games, and interactive stories in a virtual environment

Use Cases

Internet of Things

A company in charge of maintaining a park places IoT sensors whose data about air quality is visible in AR in the form of 3D lights and gauges.


A concert organiser uses public layers to publish performers and stage locations, virtual sign posts at important crossroads pointing to the venue. Objects can also be virtual shops for buying merchandise or providing additional event information.


An organiser for a speaking event for a popular writer publishes photos and videos of the author near libraries and book shops. Attached code enables interactive 3D virtual shops for promoted books.


A municipal organisation or tourist board creates a public layer with a geocaching-like game, where experience popular sights in order, described by clues and approximate coordinates.

3D modeling

A 3D artist creates a large virtual 3D sculpture and pins it at his neighbourhood park; he attaches a smart contract to it so people passing by can tip him for his art.


A team of LARP players create a private layer with virtual medieval buildings, checkpoints, objects of interest in their game. Smart contract code attached to the objects makes them interactive and a live part of the game.


A tourist posts a photo of himself jumping off a cliff into the sea and pins it at the geographical location of the path leading to the cliff, so his friends can see it when they walk by.


Welcome to the future of social media

Project Equinox is a platform for social-network-style publishing of augmented reality interactive virtual content.

It's like Pokemon Go and World of Warcraft and geocaching rolled into one AR world with crowdsourced elements, which may end up looking like The Matrix.

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