We make Augmented Reality quick, easy, and affordable

Our platform enables marketing and tourist agencies to engage more people through quick and easy deployment of interactive, gamified Augmented Reality content

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Instead of leaving messages on a simulation of an endless paper scroll and TVs, make your content integrated with actual physical locations. Be creative in how you combine the physical and the virtual.


Engage your audience with virtual content in real-world contexts! Equinox is a one stop shop for all your AR - we provide outdoors / location-based virtual advertising for agencies, venues and businesses, with clear engagements metrics.


Artists who want to publish VR/AR, 3D, 2D, video and other types of content and receive monetary reward and/or exposure to a wide audience.


Introduce gamification into real-world contexts! Creative developers who wish to express themselves in an AR environment by building apps, mini-games, and interactive stories in a virtual environment.

Key Concepts

  • A platform for publishing augmented reality content on mobile phones, both location-based and image-based.
  • End-users can create and publish simple AR content from their phones.
  • Business users can create location-based AR content on a massive, planet-wide scale, publish, manage and monitor it from Equinox Studio web app.
  • Content in Equinox is placed into layers - a single physical space can contain many virtual layers.

Learn more about Equinox Key Concepts here.

See more usage examples at our YouTube channel.

Use Cases

Marketing Campaigns

Create gamification campaigns where young adults interact with your branding all over the city, where passers by can view virtual billboards which lead to analytics on how many people exactly viewed your content.

Instead of relying on physical information presented to customers and clients in physical locations, take advantage of the fact that you can augmented the physical location or physical product with digital values.

History and Edutainment

Make historical locations come alive with additional photos or 3D models of how things used to be. Use this capability to either educate passers-by, entertain them, or sell them additional products and services.

Imagine a character from your favourite movie walking in your town square, advertising the movie and selling you tickets.

Imagine a brand mascot selling access to exclusive digital content.

3D Modelling

We do augmented reality on mobile phones. This comes in two shapes: location-based and image-based. Location-based is just what it says: a 3D object is placed at certain GPS coordinates. Image-based is when you look at a specific image through your phone's camera, and see additional information or multimedia in that place.

The most effective way to do that is to create meaningful campaigns which covers a lot of ground, to make the users feel like their entire environment is full of new content they can access through Equinox.

To do this, Equinox can import many 3D designs into the system and allow you to place it wherever you'd like.