Welcome to future of augmented reality

Project Equinox is a platform for social-network-style publishing of augmented reality interactive virtual content.


Users of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, publishing personal content and seeing content from friends and based on their interests in a location-enhanced context.


Agencies, venues and businesses which would benefit from addressable outdoor – location-based virtual advertising offering clear engagements metrics.


Artists who want to publish VR/AR, 3D, 2D, video and other types of content and receive monetary reward and/or exposure to a wide audience.


Creative developers who wish to express themselves in an AR environment by building dapps, mini-games, and interactive stories in a virtual environment.

Use Cases

Internet of Things

A company in charge of maintaining a park places IoT sensors whose data about air quality is visible in AR in the form of 3D lights and gauges.


An organiser for a speaking event for a popular writer publishes photos and videos of the author near libraries and book shops. Attached code enables interactive 3D virtual shops for promoted books.

3D modeling

A 3D artist creates a large virtual 3D sculpture and pins it at his neighbourhood park; he attaches a smart contract to it so people passing by can tip him for his art.