Rock on, creators!

Do you dream of electric sheep?

Welcome to another dimension!


Aren’t you bored with 50 years of working with the same old metaphor of placing content on a simulation of a paper page? Everything from blogs, portals to social media platforms are using the same papery skeuomorphic design.

Instead, consider these types of on-location user interfaces:

A student tourist posts a photo of himself jumping off a cliff into the sea and pins it at the geographical location of the path leading to the cliff, so his friends can see it when they walk by the beach. When his friends walk nearby, they get a notification that their friend’s content is available near their location.

A young family films their baby’s first steps and pins the video at the location where it happens. Several years later, they can come to the same location and view it.

A team of LARP / RPG players create a private layer with virtual medieval buildings, checkpoints, objects of interest in their game. Program code code attached to the objects makes them interactive and a live part of the game.

An AR character of a snowman is drawn in front of the house, visible only to its owner, to indicate if air conditioning has been turned on. An AR character of a dragon is drawn in front of the house, visible only to its owner, to indicate burglar alarm is turned on. Clicking on them shows the respective controls of these facilities.