Dear Marketers

You rock, but you’ll rock even more with Equinox!

Marketing has a new dimension!


Augmented reality allows new forms of reaching audiences, as well as reaching new audiences. Consider the following cases for businesses:

A concert organiser uses public layers to publish billboards with performers and stage locations, and virtual signposts at important crossroads pointing to the venue. Some of these objects can also be virtual shops for buying merchandise or providing additional event information.

An organiser of a lecture for a popular writer publishes photos and videos of the author near libraries and book shops. The interactive objects become 3D virtual shops for promoted books.

A tourist board creates a public layer with a geocaching-like game, where tourists experience popular sights in order, described by clues and approximate coordinates.

A popular soda drink manufacturer creates a “treasure hunt” game where users need to find 10 virtual cans of soda to be eligible to enter a lottery draw for big rewards.

A 3D artist creates a large virtual 3D sculpture and pins it at his neighbourhood park; he attaches program code to it so people passing by can tip him for his art.

A company in charge of maintaining a park places IoT sensors whose data about air quality is visible in AR in the form of 3D lights and gauges.

A historical folklore society publishes content in a layer with photographs of how certain parts of town looked like in the past.

The City of Dubrovnik publishes location-based photographs of how certain buildings or parts of the walls looked like in movies such as Game of Thrones or Star Wars. Visitors can view both the movie version of the buildings and the real-world buildings at the same time on the same location.