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Equinox app tutorial


Welcome to the wonderful world of Equinox XR – the way to see and create augmented and mixed reality content on a global scale! If you are reading this, you probably have the Equinox app installed on your device, and would like to see more information on how to use it.

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For starts, the main screen of the Equinox XR app is the camera screen which shows 3D objects around you, if there are any.

So if you don’t see anything new around you, you might want to create your own AR content! Tap on the “+” button (the first from the left) to enter the “creation mode” where you can pick a pre-defined 3D object and attach an image, a link or a text message to it.

Pick a pre-defined 3D object from the list on the bottom of the screen, and attach a photo, an existing image from the gallery, a text message or a link by tapping the buttons on the top-right side of the screen. Finally, click on the “play” button below to publish your AR content!

Your object will appear on a map in addition to appearing in AR! Tap on the map button on the main camera screen (the second one from the left) to show a map of what’s around you:

You can look around on the map and see where the AR content is in your surroundings.

One important distinction of Equinox is the possibility to switch between layers. Tap on the “layers” button (the third one from the left) to get a list of layers with content around you. Select a layer to switch to, in order to show its specific content:

And finally, share what you see with your friends on social media by tapping on the right-most button in the main camera screen. This will share a screenshot of what you see on one of the installed applications on your mobile phone.

These are the basic features of the Equinox app. In addition to personally creating AR content, Equinox enables businesses and artists to create interactive AR content on a massive, planetary scale – see our Pricing page for details.