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Our business and our vision

Our business and our vision

We are developing a platform for geolocation-based Augmented Reality content with the goal of bringing down the cost of deploying AR tech and making it easier to deploy in entertainment, media, marketing and tourism industries. Our platform makes it easy to create services on top of augmented reality.

Augmented reality needs to be cheap and accessible to make any kind of an impact on the world.

We enable marketing agencies, educational and entertainment companies to finally realise the potential of location-based augmented reality (AR) and publish AR content on our platform. We provide the platform, the tools to create content on a large scale (countries and continents), and a marketplace for AR content, we provide the users from other activities on the platform, and they create the content.

Our vision is that AR content should be interactive, gamified and accessible for experiencing and content creation to B2C users, where they can create content and interact with each other’s content, so they are motivated to also consume B2B content. We want to become the global platform where Augmented / Mixed Reality content is created and consumed in the segment of mobile devices and home entertainment. That includes building up the platform to support various use cases for AR/XR, creating an ecosystem with APIs and tools with which third parties will create services and content for our platform, and including interaction and monetisation features which will make the platform a global marketplace for AR.

Our advantage is that we realise that the new generation of users have grown up with computer games and want the same kind of interactions and possibilities in the real world. Our platform is created to support game-like interaction with virtual content, which is a prerequisite for on-boarding users and extending their interactions to business activities.