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Smart City visualisations in Augmented Reality with Equinox

Smart City visualisations in Augmented Reality with Equinox

Equinox is a platform for Augmented Reality content, and this means that we can show dynamic, information-driven content to our users. Instead of simply having pre-defined animations and content, we can pull information from external sources and visualise it in AR.

Equinox is a primarily geolocation-driven Augmented Reality platform, which means we can place AR content at the location where it makes sense, where it will be most appreciated. It could mean having pollution sensors in parks and visualising the data on its entrance, or it could mean seeing a snowman or a beachball when you get outside, depending on a weather. It could also mean seeing a sleeping dragon in front of your house if your alarm system is turned off, or an alert, ready dragon if it’s turned on.

Whatever the data, we can ingest it and show it in augmented realiy on the location where it’s most needed.