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Art Future Press Release

Art Future Press Release

Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, today stands with New York, Hong Kong and Berlin in the field of digital art.


“Art Future”, the first digital artwork exhibition in Croatia and
South-eastern Europe opens in Zagreb


The team behind this innovative project is that of the Croatian startup “Equinox Vision”, which has developed a platform for easy creation and viewing of location-based Augmented Reality content on mobile phones.

ZAGREB – ART FUTURE is the first digital artwork exhibition in augmented reality in Croatia and the entire South-east Europe, viewable by everyone with a supported mobile phone for free. The innovative and futuristic exhibition is a part of the Artupunktura event which started on 15th September and will run through 15th October. During this timespan, Art Future enriches locations all over Zagreb with a new type of visual art, placing “invisible” pieces all over the city, viewable through the mobile at. Thus, the city is transformed into a huge outdoors gallery.

Art Future is an artistic leap forward for the city, and for the artistic community in Croatia and internationally, and it is what places Zagreb on the same map as New York, Hong Kong and Berlin. It features centrepiece artworks done by international artists like Costas Picadas(New York), Soliman Lopez (Spain), INVERSE (Italy), Botina (Columbia), and Croatian artists such as Igor Puškarić and Veljko and Milivoj Popović.

This innovative exhibition relates art and technology, reality and digital content, but it’s not seen by the naked eye. Rather, it uses the devices which are now always with us, and offers us to see real-world locations in a new way. It contains 38 unique art pieces from 22 artists, spread across 47 city-wide locations. 

This unique event is powered by the technology and the platform developed by the Croatian startup “Equinox Vision”, and the artworks can be seen through their app “Equinox XR” on Apple and Google stores. The platform is designed to be multi-purpose and can offer a variety of interactive AR content.

Ivan Voras, Equinox Vision’s co-founder and CEO emphasises that Art Future is another indicator that both they and the small country of Croatia hits far above its weight with its startup ecosystem, which is already shown by the increasing interest from investors.

We are proud to provide this novel experience to everyone living in, or visiting Zagreb, which illustrates that art evolves with each new technology. This exhibition has multiple goals: showing one path for advancement of art, deploying a new way to consume art by utilising technology, affirming and drawing attention to digital artists in and out of Croatia, and finally to showcase our platform when deployed on a city-wide event which can be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people

— ivan Voras, CEO of Equinox Vision, Zagreb, Croatia

The Art Future exhibition gratefully acknowledges the support and funding of the Tourist board of Zagreb and the City of Zagreb.  

More information about the exhibit is available at: https://artfuture.hr and on social media at https://www.facebook.com/artfuture.hr & https://www.instagram.com/artfuture.hr .

Contact e-mail: info@equinox.vision .