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About us

Ivan Voras


Ivan Voras, PhD, is an entrepreneur with a passion for exotic technologies in real-world applications. After leaving academia, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb in 2015 after a 10 year span, he started working both for international companies and on his own projects. This has led Ivan to actively architect and develop solutions ranging from IoT solutions, renewable energy sources, to network protocols and servers, to blockchain-based solutions.

Saša Ilišević


Saša has been obsessed with science and technology since kindergarten, so it’s no wonder that, although holding a B.Sc. in Finance, much of his professional life has been intertwined with tech. Self-taught and hands-on, his career took him from writing for and editing some of the leading regional ICT magazines, to meeting and exchanging ideas with key tech figures in USA and Europe. Lately he has been wearing the hat of product management and development for a major Croatian telco.

Tonči Jukić


A CS engineer with MSc, an apprentice data scientist and an entrepreneur, Tonči enjoys working with cutting-edge tech, using it to deliver solutions and novel products. For more than fifteen years in the industry as a professional and almost as much prior to that, he is continually researching and developing in the fields of AI, graphics and high-scale software products through corporate or startup environments in cooperation with world’s largest software and semiconductor companies.

What we do

We are creating a platform for publishing interactive and dynamic augmented reality content. That means each user has our app installed, and they use it as a viewer for AR content created by other users and companies.

For companies, we are creating tools and an ecosystem where all all you need to do is focus on creating content. For end-users, we are creating a communication platform which is compelling enough that they will use it on its own merits, increasing the likelihood that they will consume business-related content.

Imagine you want to create a Christmas Tree right there in augmented reality. Currently, you’d need to contract a company for that. With Equinox, you can drag and drop the Christmas tree.

If you are a marketing agency, instead of acquiring physical billboards and then not knowing how many people saw it, create a virtual one and track exactly how much visibility it has – it’s addressable outdoor marketing: we can target content to specific users.

If you are a sports brand, you can create a treasure hunt like Pokemon Go where users collect virtual items across the city and get virtual points and rewards.

Our immediate prospects for doing business include marketing agencies, retail chains, publishers, music festivals and tourist boards. Marketing agencies have a pain to seek new ways to acquire users (eyeballs) for their messages. Retailers have a pain to increase engagement with their customers, as well as their loyalty. Publishers need to present new ways to attract advertisers with dynamic content. Music festivals need to navigate people across large venues. Tourist boards need to keep people walking in certain areas.

We do that.

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