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2022 Projects Overview

2022 Projects Overview

2022 was a great year for Equinox Vision, with several high-profile projects and a 290% YoY revenue increase! We are happy to have signed up a major corporate client, HT (a division of DT), as well as hosting an important international exhibition of digital art in our hometown of Zagreb, Croatia. Here are some project highlights from 2022:

Art Future digital art exhibtion

We have hosted an international exhibition of digital art presented in augmented reality in parks and squares of our hometown of Zagreb, Croatia. It was an exhilarating experience, as we have managed to envision, plan an execute an exhibition with a tight schedule of 3 months end-to-end, and a tight budget. The results speak for themselves – a truly unique experience, with artists from New York, Italy, Spain, Columbia, Slovenia, Germany, Croatia.and others, presented with their stories and artists’ bio in ARs.

The Art Future exhibition was held in partnership with the Zagreb Tourist Board within the Artupunktura event. More screenshots are available in this gallery.

HT sponsor campaign

The croatian branch of Deutsche Telekom has had its own experience in AR, a marketing campaign which extended their project with the Academy of Fine Arts of Zagreb, where we presented artwork created by young artists inspired by the possibility of 5G networks. We have presented 2D artworks in a 3D augmented reality environments in major cities in Croatia, together with an on-boarding experience of an animated self-assembling Rubik’s cube which showcases even more artwork, as well as interacts with viewers to point them in the right direction to see more artwork.

Green AURA educational trail

Green AURA is a project that aims to promote energy efficiency and increase citizens’ awareness of climate change using Augmented Reality (AR) content. It was an INTEREG cooperation of the University of Pécs, the City of Koprivnica, the Development Agency from Pécs, and representatives of REA North. Our platform was chosen to implement the content of the city-wide city trail, where the main part is presented by the Koprivnica’a animated mascot character. Visitors can interact with this virtual guide, ask him questions about the micro-location surroundings, and participate in location-based educational games.

More information about the Green AURA experience can be found in the dedicated article.

ClimeAR experience by GameChuck

GameChuck is a Croatian game studio which has chosen our platform to deliver an AR experience in Pula name ClimeAR. They have recorded green-screened videos of senior citizens talking about the history of micro-locations around the city centre, with a particular emphasis on how the location was affected by climate change. Visitors to Pula can view the recorded people speak about their lives, their youth and the locations they have grown in.

Vinkovci history tour

For the Tourist board of Vinkovci we have created a location-based tour of historical micro-locations around the city centre. Throughout the trail, visitors can interact with the virtual guide, a historian which talks (through text and audio voice-over) about the location and its significance for the oldest town in this part of Europe. A part of this experience is a quiz game present throughout the mini locations, which rewards the visitor through graphical re-assembly of the historically important Orion pot, containing the earliest calendar inscriptions in Europe.

Slavonski Brod Christmas with Ivana Brlić Mažuranić experience

For Christmas 2022 we have created a dazzling AR scenary for the town centre of Slavonski Brod, designed around the famous local writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić. The experience includes cooperation with local 3D artists, the local town library, and local media companies, and is especially attractive to children.

STEMI Schools of the Future event powered by Infobip

In cooperation with the startup STEMI, we have created a campus-wide quiz for school children attending the annual event. The quiz was delivered through a virtual interactive character that was accessible through QR codes placed on specific micro-locations throughout the campus. This was an extremely successful cooperation where more than 80% of children have played the AR game.

Plomin old city virtual tour

With this project, we have enriched the remains of the fortified old city Plomin in Istria with a virtual tourist guide that delivers information about micro-locations and is accessed through QR codes. The choice of going with QR codes was made because of the geographical compactness of the area. The project was very well received and continues to attract visitors to Plomin!

Advent in Zagreb 2021

The 2021 Advent project was also available during a part of January 2022, and it was so impressive we will include it in our 2022 overview 🙂 For this experience, we had virtual gift boxes scattered around the city for visitors and local inhabitants to find – but with a twist! Any found gift box could be re-gifted to others, creating a chain of giving which prefectly reflects the Christmas season. With gorgeous animations and audio effects, this project was very well received and it was also replicated in a lesser extend on the Dubai World Expo!

Onwards to the future

This year, we aim to make our platform more user friendly, and are hereby inviting everyone with an interested in location-based AR to contact us!

Of couse, we are also pitching for some interesting new projects, through which we learn and develop our product.