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Metaverse is about Connecting B2B systems, IoT systems, Visualisation and Communication systems

Since There’s no Metaverse without openness, what kind of openness do we mean here? The answer to this question comes naturally when we attempt to describe what the Metaverse should be, and that was a […]

No Metaverse Without Openness

The term “Metaverse” has been gaining in populary in the last couple of months, and just as well – it’s an idea whose time has come. What isn’t as clear is what the Metaverse should […]

Our business and our vision

We are developing a platform for geolocation-based Augmented Reality content with the goal of bringing down the cost of deploying AR tech and making it easier to deploy in entertainment, media, marketing and tourism industries. […]

Novartis Celebrating KYMRIAH – Equinox augmented reality experience design

Equinox was chosen to create an augmented reality experience celebrating the KYMRIAH medication to treat leukemia by Novartis, and specifically the anniversary of its availability in Croatia. It is a personalized gene treatment for each […]

The youngest generation thinks the Web is obsolete and boring

Have you heard about Roblox? Have you heard about Roblox? If you have a 7+ years old in your household, you probably know all about it – or if I’ve enthusiastically talked to you about […]

Equinox Layers

Equinox’s major feature is placing AR content at GPS locations, integrating virtual content with physical spaces and contexts. Physical space can contain a limited amount of content, though. Our testing has shown that (except for […]

Smart City visualisations in Augmented Reality with Equinox

Equinox is a platform for Augmented Reality content, and this means that we can show dynamic, information-driven content to our users. Instead of simply having pre-defined animations and content, we can pull information from external […]

Koprivnica priključena u Equinox Metaverse!

Dobra vijest za Koprivnicu ali i za hrvatski turizam općenito – od danas je Koprivnica službeno dio našeg AR Metaversea! Ovim potezom Koprivnica se pridružila pionirima Metaversea u Hrvatskoj – trenutno su aktivni projekti u […]
proširena stvarnost kroz smartphone

Što je proširena stvarnost (AR) i kako ju koristiti

Svjesni smo da je pojam proširena stvarnost kod nas još uvijek u povojima i mnogima predstavlja veliku nepoznanicu. Iz tog razloga smo bili krenuli sa serijom razgovora AR Talks. AR Talks su razgovori o AR-u, […]

Pravila nagradnog natječaja “Oživi svoju priču kroz AR sadržaj”

Nagradni natječaj “Oživi svoju priču kroz AR sadržaj” Predmet nagradnog natječaja koje organizira društvo “Equinox Vision d.o.o.” sa sjedištem u Zagrebu, Petračićeva 6, OIB 61096962949 (dalje “Organizator”) je izbor najkreativnije ideje za primjenu proširene stvarnosti […]

Hello, Equinox!

Equinox is a way for you to see things that are hidden around you. Maybe you are in a middle of an art installation and you don’t even know it. Maybe you are in a […]